Mercedes GLA Class H247 CAP X247 19 inch rims + Summer Tires Bridgestone 7MM Original

€2.295,00 €1.695,00 Incl. VAT
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Brand Mercedes
Colour Black two-tone
Wheelsize 7.5 x 19 inch - ET 53
Partnumber A2474013100
Frontaxle | Condition | Notes as new
Rearaxle | Condition | Notes as new
Banden EN
Tyretype Alenza 001
Tyresizes 235/50 R19
Tyre pressure Sensors | RDC inclusive
Frontaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 6MM
Rearaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 6.5MM

Offered by JD Tyres & Rims

As new a set of original 19 inch Mercedes GLA Class H247 GLB X247 rims with Bridgestone Alenza 001 summer tires. Available from stock at the most competitive prices! We have a set taken from a Mercedes GLA AMG. The rims are in as new condition.

Original tyre pressure sensors inclusive.

Measured tread depths and other features are shown above.