BMW X5 X6 F15 F16 19 inch rims 595 + Winter tires Continental runflat Original

Brand BMW
Wheelmodel 595
Colour bicolor ferric grey
Wheelsize 9J x 19 inch - ET48 | 9J x 19 inch - ET18
Partnumber 6858875 | 6858874
Frontaxle | Condition | Notes 2x Paint damage
Rearaxle | Condition | Notes 1x As new | 1x Paint damage
Banden EN
Tyretype ContiWinterContact TS830P | Runflat
Tyresizes 255/50 R19
Tyre pressure Sensors | RDC Inclusive
Frontaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 2x 5.5MM | DOT14
Rearaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 2x 6MM | DOT16
Storagelocation 5.28.1

For sale

Used set of Original BMW X5 F15 X6 F16 styling 595 rims 19 inch with Continental WinterContact TS830P SSR Runflat winter tires. Three rims show paint damage, one rim is in as new condition.

Original tyre pressure sensors inclusive.

Now available directly from stock!

The winter tires fitted on this wheel set feature the snowflake symbol, which is compulsory in Germany and Austria, as well as M+S marking.

The measured tread depths and rims details are shown above.