BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 18 Inch 209 Rims + Winter tires Dunlop Original

Brand BMW
Wheelmodel 209
Colour Silver
Wheelsize 8.5J x 18 inch - ET46
Partnumber 6770200
Condition | Notes 4x Traces of use
Banden EN
Tyretype Dunlop SP Winter Sports 3D
Tyresize 255/55R18
Tyre pressure Sensors | RDC
Profiledepth | Notes | DOT 4x 6.5MM | DOT14
Storagelocation c1143

For sale:

Used set of BMW X5 X6 E70, E71 styling 209 rims fitted with Dunlop SP Wintersport 3D winter tires. The rims show traces of use.

The winter tires fitted on this wheel set feature the snowflake symbol, which is compulsory in Germany and Austria, as well as the M+S markings.

The measured tread depths and rims details are shown below.


Model : 209
Condition : 4x Traces of use
Wheel size : 8.5J x 18 inch - ET 46
Part number : 6770200 / 677 02 00


Brand : Dunlop
Type : SP Winter 3D
Tyre size : 255/55 R18
Tread depth : 4 6.5MM DOT14

Location: C1143