BMW i3 20 inch rims 431 + Summer Tires Bridgestone Original

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Brand BMW
Wheelmodel 431
Colour Bicolor Black
Wheelsize 5.5J x 20 inch - ET33 | 6J x 20 inch - ET39
Partnumber 6852080 | 6852081
Frontaxle | Condition | Notes 2x as new
Rearaxle | Condition | Notes 1x traces of use 1x as new
Banden EN
Tyretype Bridgestone Ecopia Ep500 *
Tyresizes 175/55R20 89T | 195/50R20 93T
Tyre pressure Sensors | RDC Inclusive
Frontaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 5.5MM | DOT19
Rearaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 5.5MM | DOT19
Storagelocation A1232

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Used set of Original BMW i3 and I3S styling 431 rims 20 inch with Bridgestone Ecopia EP500 summer tires. These rims are original rims from the BMW brand and suitable for the i3 and I3S from 2015. Three of the rims are in as new condition and one of the rims shows traces of use.

Now available directly from stock inclusive of RDCI/Tire pressure sensors

The measured tread depths and details of the rims are shown above.