BMW X5 G05 X6 G06 18 inch rims 618 + Summer Tires Bridgestone 7MM Original

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Brand BMW
Wheelmodel 618
Colour silver
Wheelsize 8.5 x 18 inch - ET 44
Partnumber 6883752
Frontaxle | Condition | Notes 1x as new / 1x light paint damage
Rearaxle | Condition | Notes 2x as new
Banden EN
Tyretype Alenza 001
Tyresizes 255/55/18
Tyre pressure Sensors | RDC Yes
Frontaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 7MM
Rearaxle | Profildepth | Comment | DOT 7MM
Storagelocation Location A1332

For sale:

Young used set of
original BMW X5 G05 18 inch rims style 618 fitted with Bridgestone Alenza 001 Summer Tires. These rims are suitable for the BMW X5 G05 and BMW X6 G06. Three of the rims are in as new condition and one shows light paint damage.

Original tyre pressure sensors inclusive.

Available directly from stock!

The measured tread depths and details of the rims are shown above.